Project Description

Well Pad Design (4 wells) – Williston Basin

Piping/Mechanical and Electrical/Instrumentation engineering and design for the installation of well pad surface facilities for four (4) greenfield wells. Equipment included heater treater switching manifold, one (1) bulk heater treater, one(1) test heater treater, (1) vertical heater treater for a separate lease well, one (1) oil bath heater, one (1) Vapor Recovery Tower (VRT), six (6) Common oil tanks, two (2) oil tanks for separate lease well, four (4) common water tanks, oil charge pumps, double LACT building w/ pipeline pumps, water pump building, gas metering building, and utility equipment (gas generators, LP and HP flare KO building with HP, LP, and shop Flares, recycle pumps, oil and gas pig launchers).