Project Description

Process, Mechanical, and Piping engineering and design to install well pad surface facilities for a new HP Gas Well. Equipment included sand trap, 3-phase separator, TEG dehydration unit, heater treater, storage tanks, and utility equipment (instrument/fuel gas design, LP and HP flares).

Multiple discipline Engineering and design (Civil/Structural, Process, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Controls) for the balance of plant with a 200 MMSCFD UOP/Russel Cryo Facility and refrigeration unit. Balance of Plant equipment includes: Slug Catcher, Three Phase separations, TEG Dehydration System, two (2) 5,000 BPD NGL Stabilizer Skids with two (2) 8 MMSCFD Overhead Booster Compressors, Five (5) 48 MMSCFD Residue Gas Compressors, (2) 50,000 BBL NGL Storage Tanks, NGL Pipeline Pump Skid, With onsite power distribution (three (3) gas powered generators, one (1) backup diesel generator with storage tank), and utility equipment (instrument air system, fuel gas system, Flares, PDC/MCC).