Project Description

Multiple Well Pad Facility Engineering and Design – DJ Basin

Multiple Well Pad engineering and design projects for a variety of different sizes of pads.  Several (18+) new build (greenfield) projects and several (12+) demo and/or expansion (brownfield) projects.  Greenfield projects typically include anywhere between three (3) and Twenty (20) new wells, individual separators for each well, maintenance tank, pipeline tie-ins for oil, water, gas, and gas lift, gas lift heater, gas lift meter building(s), water can, and instrument air. Brownfield projects range from demo of oil tank batteries, converting one tank to a maintenance tank, installation of new oil and water headers to tie into pipelines instead of tanks, with optional demo existing separators and install new with new header system or leave existing separators and install new separators. Tie into existing header system, with optional reuse of existing gas lift meter building or replace with new style gas lift meter building, etc.