Project Description

Three (3) 6,000 BPD Central Production Facility (CPF), w/ Gas Lift and Booster Compression – DJ Basin

Multiple discipline engineering and design (Civil/Structural, Process, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, Instrumentation, Controls).  Design included the installation of Gas Lift Compression to be returned to the individual wells and Booster Compression to send to the sales gas line.  Equipment included in the design: Oil, Gas, Water Pig Receivers, Gas Lift and Sales Gas Pig Launchers, Inlet Oil Heater Treaters, two (2) Vapor Recovery Towers (VRTs), ten (10) Oil Tanks (with expansion capability of six (6) additional oil tanks), LP and HP Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs), four (4) Water Tanks, Booster and Gas Lift Compressors, Oil Truck LACT, and utility equipment (Instrument Air Skid, Fuel Gas Design, Enclosed Combustion Devices (ECDs), electrical PDC/MCC, and backup gas powered generation).